Toyota Factory Keyless Entry Remote Keyfobs with FCC ID HYQ12BBX

For much of the preceding decade (2001-10) Toyota installed factory keyless entry systems on trucks and SUVs that used remotes with FCC ID HYQ12BBX. These keyfobs had 3 or 4 buttons. All of the remotes had lock and unlock buttons on the front and a panic button on the back. The 4-button version also had a rear function (rear window roll-down or hatch) button on the front below the lock and unlock buttons.

A few Toyota sedans, such as the 2000-2004 Avalon and 2000-2005 Celica and Echo vehicles also used remotes compatible with FCC ID HYQ12BBX. The 4-button version used on Avalons has a trunk button instead of the rear window roll-down icon.

See all three HYQ12BBX remotes at this link.

These remotes are user programmable for all of the applications for which they were used.

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