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Hereís why you should start a replacement remote transmitter program from Remotes Unlimited in your store:

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If remote transmitters are an entirely new product line for your store, selling replacement remotes will increase revenues without cannibalizing current sales. If your store already sells a small number of fast-moving remotes, the RUI program will give you access to hundreds of additional parts that you have not been able to sell before without buying from local auto dealerships (your competition). And, because RUI offers rapid special order fulfillment on such a broad product line, you can be in the replacement remote business without a large investment in inventory.
Replacement remotes can be a good new source of profit dollars. Retail prices for remote transmitters range from $40 to $200 and even higher. The fastest moving remotes included with our display offer a minimum gross margin of more than $20.00 at our suggested retail price (which is well below a dealerís list price). All of the remotes on the display have a gross margin of 42% or higher.
Very few stores sell replacement remote transmitters. It is likely that you are serving customers every day who need a replacement remote but either do not know where to get one or want to avoid the hassle and expense of buying one at an automobile dealership. One auto parts store sold more than a dozen remotes in their first month after placing our display on their counter. The manager had no idea they were missing so many sales before.
RUIís suggested retail pricing for remotes is generally below the automotive dealerís list price for the same part . . . sometimes, well below. But that is only part of the story. Many dealerships sell remotes above the manufacturer list price. For instance, in a price check we conducted of Ford dealers in the Atlanta area, 4 out of 7 dealers quoted a retail price higher than dealer list price for the fast-moving 3-button truck remote on our display. On average, dealers charged 11% more than list price for the remote. RUIís suggested retail price on this remote is more than 10% below dealer list price.
In order to make a replacement remote functional, the keyless entry or aftermarket alarm system module in a vehicle must be programmed to accept the new remote. Many factory keyless entry systems and virtually all aftermarket alarm systems are user programmable, meaning that a user can program the system to accept a new remote without needing a special tool. Replacement remotes purchased from an automobile dealer do not come with programming instructions, even when the customerís vehicle is user programmable. Remotes Unlimited includes programming instructions with the part for all user programmable remotes and also provides free phone support if the customer encounters any problem programming their system to accept the replacement remote.
RUI offers its Premier Partners free USPS ground shipping on orders over $50. Orders received before 2pm Central time normally ship the same business day. If the remote you order happens not to be in stock, we will upgrade your order to Priority Mail shipping at no charge. If your customer really needs the part sooner, expedited delivery options are also available.

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