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Automotive Remote Programming Instructions

Remotes Unlimited sells programming instructions and technical support only via telephone. If you have an automotive remote and do not know how to program it to work with your vehicle, you can call us at 877-719-1900 to purchase instructions. Or, if you already have instructions but are still unable to program your key fob for a keyless entry or an aftermarket alarm system, we will provide phone technical support. Of course, if you buy an automotive remote transmitter from Remotes Unlimited, programming instructions and technical support are included with the purchase.

Programming Instructions and Phone Tech Support    FREE
(with purchase of any remote transmitter)

Automotive Remote Programming Instructions with Phone Technical Support   $25.00
(without purchase from Remotes Unlimited)

Hint: Some automotive remotes require a scan tool for programming. Those vehicles will have to be programmed by a dealer or well-equipped locksmith. However, many other keyless entry systems and virtually all aftermarket alarm systems are user programmable. Before calling us, you may want to use our Key Fob Finder to search your application and look at the programming note displayed in red at the bottom of the results page. This note will tell you whether or not your application is user programmable.

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