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Buying a replacement remote control can be a little frightening. The employees of Remotes Unlimited understand that because we deal with customers all day every day. We hope that our website provides a clear and logical path for you to confidently select and purchase the replacement part you need. If it doesn't, or you feel more comfortable speaking directly to a member of our staff, please call RUI at 877-719-1900.


Battery Testing

How Do I Know If The Battery In My Remote Is Dead?
Test it.  Or just buy and install a new one; batteries for remotes are fairly inexpensive.  When transmitter batteries begin to run low, your remote may seem to stop working or to work intermittently.  Many people seem to think that if they press harder on the button, that may help.  It doesn't help your remote send a signal and it is likely to damage the case, button contact or even the circuit board on your remote.  If the battery in your remote is more than a couple of years old, RUI recommends that you replace the battery; doing so may help you avoid breaking your own remote out of frustration.
How Do I Test The Battery?
1.  Many remotes have an LED light that indicates when the transmitter is sending a signal.  So, if your remote has an LED light on it, look and see if it lights up when you press any button.
2.  If you have a second remote that does work, open the transmitters and switch the batteries.  If the first remote then does work and the second one does not, that probably indicates that the battery that was originally in the first remote is dead or dying.
3.  Use a battery tester.  If you do not have one, you can go to an AutoZone store or some other location that has a remote battery tester near the part counter that you can use.

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