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Buying a replacement remote control can be a little frightening. The employees of Remotes Unlimited understand that because we deal with customers all day every day. We hope that our website provides a clear and logical path for you to confidently select and purchase the replacement part you need. If it doesn't, or you feel more comfortable speaking directly to a member of our staff, please call RUI at 877-719-1900.


Buying Automotive Remote Controls on the Internet


Should I Be Afraid To Buy A Keyfob On The Internet?

No.  Buying a replacement remote control on the Internet is not much different than buying anything else on the Internet.  However, as with all Internet shopping, you should be cautious and choose carefully where you shop.

How Does One Choose A Keyfob Vendor Carefully?

RUI employees buy a lot of stuff on the Internet.  Their advice is to try to assess from the website whether a company is experienced and professional enough to provide not only the part you want, but the service and stability you may need if you run into an issue later - such as getting your part to work with your vehicle.  (See "Automotive Remote Programming" below.)  They like to know where a company is located, how long the business has been around, and who the company serves.  RUI has several web competitors.  We believe some of them to be solid, reputable businesses.  We know several others that are not.

Are There Any Specific Pitfalls To Buying A Keyfob Online?

Yes.  First, don't buy a part unless you are certain it is the right part for your application.  (See "Keyfob Specification" below.)  Second, be sure you know whether the part you are buying is new or used.  Third, be sure you know whether your part will require programming and, if it does, choose a vendor who will provide both instructions and technical support for getting that done.  (See "Automotive Remote Programming" below.)

Should I Buy From A Shopping Service?

That is a tough call.  Shopping services and general stores (such as Amazon and eBay) make it easy for virtually anyone to establish a web presence and sell a part. RUI shops the web regularly.  There are some good bargains there.  We also often see sellers offering used parts,  parts without programming instructions or qualified technical support, and parts that are mis-identified or which have incorrect or incomplete specification information.  Our advice is to be cautious.

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