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Problem:  When I push the unlock or lock button on my remote it does not operate all of the door locks.

In general, if pressing a button on your remote has any effect with respect to your vehicle, there is no problem with the remote transmitter; the problem instead is somewhere in your vehicle.  Remote transmitters send a simple coded radio transmission to the receiver in your vehicle.  What happens from that point is controlled by the keyless entry system control module in your vehicle and the wires, actuators and horn/siren in your vehicle.

We know from experience that some vehicle makes (such as Ford) have experienced door lock actuator problems in their history.  Front door locks are used more often than rear door locks, so the problem generally shows up in one or both of the front doors.  One of our employees who had a 2000 F150 truck had this issue.  To solve his problem, he had to replace the front door lock actuators.

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