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RUI is pleased to serve many used car dealerships, auto parts retailers, mechanics, installers, locksmiths and even our competitors as a source of wholesale key fob and car remote parts. To these customers, we strive to provide not only replacement automotive remote parts, but also a high level of service and programmatic support to help make our customers' businesses as successful as possible.

Wholesale Customer Support Options: RUI is able to provide a wide range of automotive remote products and services for our business customers. They range from discount prices on key fob parts to support of complete retail programs. We offer consumer-packaged parts, product displays and other POS materials, drop-shipment to individual stores or customers, a wide array of electronic catalog and order processing capabilities, and various forms of customer support. To learn more about these options, see the Premier Partner Home Page of this website or email us at [email protected].

Business Customer Qualification: In order to establish a business as a customer who qualifies for any discounts or business services, RUI requires that the business register with RUI as a business customer and provide certain information. Among the information required is:

          Full business contact information and the form of organization
          Applicable tax identification, sales tax exemption and/or resale certification
          Arrangements with respect to the method/authorization of payments

For more information, please call RUI or send an email to [email protected].

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