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Buying a replacement remote control can be a little frightening. The employees of Remotes Unlimited understand that because we deal with customers all day every day. We hope that our website provides a clear and logical path for you to confidently select and purchase the replacement part you need. If it doesn't, or you feel more comfortable speaking directly to a member of our staff, please call RUI at 877-719-1900.


Buying Car Remotes Elsewhere


If I Don't Want To Shop Online, Where Else Can I Get A Remote?

You have several options. First, if you don't want to buy online because of issues relating to confidence or security, we hope that you will call RUI (877-719-1900) so that we can help you over the phone. Other places you can buy a replacement remote include:

What Are Pluses/Minuses Of Buying From An Auto Parts Chain?

Several auto parts chains now offer replacement remote control programs, including the programs at AutoZone, Pep Boys and Advance Auto, which are supported by RUI. The benefits are that you get professional assistance and can buy your part from a brick-and-mortar store you know and trust. The parts come with instructions and RUI technical support to assist you with programming. The majority of parts are available as a special order, which means that you will have to place an order for your part and then return later to pick it up. To avoid this inconvenience, several stores (including all Pep Boys stores) now stock a few of the fastest moving parts in the store. Call your local store or RUI to get more information.

What Are Pluses/Minuses Of Buying From An Auto Dealership?

The benefit of buying from a dealership is that, if you have a factory keyless entry system, you can pretty much be assured that your vehicle dealer will be able to locate and sell you a replacement part. The drawback is that dealerships sell parts at full retail price without programming instructions or technical support. They will be happy to program the part for you, but dealers typically charge $25-$75 (or more) for this service. Some even require you to make a service appointment for programming and then have you wait for your car even though it takes only a few minutes for them to perform the programming procedure. There is one other drawback to buying from a dealership. Dealers only sell OE parts and can only reference their parts by the OE part number in their system. Many OE parts are functionally equivalent, but have different OE numbers due to the crazy way in which automobile manufacturers (mis-)manage their procurement process. RUI knows all of the parts that will work for your vehicle and will offer you a less expensive solution if one exists. Your dealer will not.

What Are Pluses/Minuses Of Buying From An Aftermarket Alarm Installer?

If you have an aftermarket system in your vehicle, you should be able to get a replacement remote from any authorized dealer for your brand of system. However, this may not be as straightforward as it should be. Most alarm shops are independent entrepreneurial businesses run by owners who work very hard to stay in business. Their first priority will likely be to try to sell you a new system, and in many cases they price replacement remotes high to make a new system seem like a modest incremental cost. Also, many alarm shops do not carry replacement remotes in stock, so you may have to order one. While instructions for programming a new remote are included in many of the original system manuals, those instructions are often poorly written and highly complicated because of the wide range of installation options and methods. The alarm shop will likely be happy to perform programming for you, but they generally charge a programming fee for this service or build it into the price of the part. As with most independently owned businesses, the quality of your buying experience will be directly related to the quality of the business and your importance to them as a customer.

What Are Pluses/Minuses Of Buying From A Locksmith?

Some locksmiths do a great deal of automotive work and become experts in replacement of both keys and remotes. Our survey of locksmiths has shown that many choose not to replace keyfobs for aftermarket system; so, when shopping for a locksmith, be sure you are clear about what type of system is installed in your vehicle. Generally, if they say they can help you with a replacement remote, they can and will. But many do not carry a very large inventory of remotes, so they may have to order the part or buy it from a vehicle dealership. Most locksmiths have dispatchable trucks and will even come to you with the part and perform programming. The main drawback to purchasing a remote through this channel is that you should expect to pay a full price for the part as well as for the locksmith's time (including travel). They provide convenience and expertise, but that comes at a price.

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