Alpine Keyless Entry Remotes with FCC ID A269ZUA…

Alpine was a major early player in the manufacture of aftermarket alarm systems and of dealer-installed keyless entry systems for the major vehicle manufacturers. Alpine has long since exited this business.

Remotes are no longer made for the aftermarket alarm systems they sold. Remotes Unlimited has a few remaining remotes in stock that work for some of the systems sold by Alpine. Also, most of these systems operated with a fixed code transmission. So, if you have an original remote that worked with the system, we may be able to replicate the signal on Remotes Unlimited’s trademarked “ReMoto” keyfob. Otherwise, you will probably need to replace the alarm system.

The dealer-installed keyless entry remotes made by Alpine for Nissan and other car manufacturers are still available. If you have any questions about a keyless remote with an FCC ID beginning with A269ZUA…, you can call Remotes Unlimited for assistance determining whether or not a replacement remote is available.

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