Did You Know? – Two-way Remotes

Many aftermarket alarm system manufacturers now make remotes capable of two-way communication.  These are commonly referred to as a “transceiver” because they both transmit and receive signal.  The most advanced transceivers can receive signal from the onboard alarm system module when the vehicle is up to a mile away. 

Two-way remotes can update you with status information about various aspects of your alarm system and vehicle.  We find the most useful status update to be knowing if your engine was started when you are in the house and push the remote start button to warm it up. 

Two-way remotes come in three types — LED, LCD and OLED.  The high-end systems with OLED displays are definitely the sexiest, but OLED displays are more expensive technology, so replacing an OLED remote can be fairly pricey.

Most of these systems also have a “companion” remote keyfob that is only capable of one-way transmission.  We recommend you give the companion keyfob to your spouse and keep the two-way remote for your own use.

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