FCC IDs H5O603 and B23ATxx

A customer inquired about a replacement for his old Autopage remote, which had FCC ID B23AT53 on the back of the case.  Some of these older Autopage remotes are very difficult to find.  Remotes Unlimited happens to know that there is a compatible Car-Pro remote with FCC ID H5O603 on the back that works for this customer’s original part, so we were able to help him out.  However, you have to be careful with these substitutions, because there are several remotes that have FCC ID H5O603 on the back and not all of them are compatible.  Whenever there is a question about which H5O603 remote a customer has, Remotes Unlimited always refers to the part number that sometimes is embossed on the case or, if there is no part number, we refer to the number printed on the IC chip inside the remote.  Complicated, you say?  We agree.  Replacing keyfobs is not always as simple as we would like it to be.

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