Interchangeable Remote Transmitters for Omega (Crime Guard / K9 / Freedom / Excalibur) Aftermarket Alarm Systems

Remotes Unlimited has many customers who need a replacement remote for their Omega (Crime Guard, K9, Freedom or Excalibur) aftermarket alarm systems. In many cases, the remote that originally came with their system has been discontinued by Omega. However, there almost always is a replacement remote available that will work because Omega uses the same electronic technology in many of its key fobs. Often, the replacement remotes look totally different from the original keyfob.

For instance, the K9 4-button remote with FCC ID L2M447 and Omega part number 447-01B or 447-01W can be replaced by 11 other 4-button key fobs, including:

K9 (Omega) part 4415-xx with FCC ID L2M4415 (RUI part 078-6588)

Freedom (Omega) part 448-xx with FCC ID L2M448 (RUI part 078-6056)

Crime Guard (Omega) part 4410-xx with FCC ID L2M4410 (RUI part 078-6586)

Freedom (Omega) part 4412-xx with FCC ID L2M4412 (RUI part 078-6587)

and other Omega remotes with FCC IDs L2M432, L2M433 and L2M4413.

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