Replacement 4-button Keyless Entry Remote for 2001 Chevy Camaro Z28

A visitor to our Facebook page inquired about buying a 4-button remote for a 2001 Chevy Camaro Z28 he is in the process of restoring. Factory keyless entry systems on Chevrolet Camaro cars for model years from 1996 through 2002 used remotes with FCC ID ABO1502T. Most require the 4-button keyfob with lock, unlock, trunk and panic buttons, but not all vehicles were equipped with the anti-theft feature, so some use the 3-button remote that do not have a panic button. For both remotes, there originally were versions with a trunk icon on the rear function button as well as others with a “Rear 2X” button. These remotes are interchangeable. Remotes Unlimited stocks and sells the versions with the “Rear 2X” button icon.

See 4-button Camaro remote with FCC ID ABO1502T at this link.

Factory keyless entry systems used on Camaro during this time frame are all user programmable.

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