Replacement Audiovox/Prestige Aftermarket Alarm System Remotes with FCC ELVAL777A

A customer from Australia recently contacted us about replacing his original remote which had FCC ID ELVAL777A in it. This FCC ID was used on a variety of older remotes marketed under the Audiovox, Prestige and other brand names.

This is an example of a situation when the FCC ID number alone is not sufficient to specify a replacement part. Audiovox manufactured a variety of alarm systems that used remotes with different circuit boards inside the same style of case, all with FCC ID ELVAL777A.

Most Audiovox and Prestige aftermarket alarm systems marketed in North America with FCC ID ELVAL777A had one of two circuit boards inside . . . one stamped “777A” or one stamped “777M”. Remotes Unlimited offers replacement remotes for both of these circuit boards, though the replacement parts may not look the same as the original keyfobs.

You can specify either of these two circuit boards and see the replacement part we sell by following this link.

Our Australian customer’s remote with FCC ID ELVAL777A had a board stamped “777E-1”. Alarm systems on different continents often transmit at different frequencies, so it is possible that this board is not compatible with the other two that we have encountered previously. We are researching this system to determine what we can learn.

The systems marketed in North America by Audiovox with FCC ID ELVAL77A are fixed code. Consequently, Remotes Unlimited can make a clone of these remotes if the original remote is working. That is what we hope to do to help our Australian customer. The nice thing about buying a cloned remote is that no programming is required.

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