Replacement Remote Key Fobs with FCC ID H5OT21 — Autopage Alert Guardian Marksman Silencer

Several marketers of add-on alarm and remote start systems sold products that used a remote transmitter with FCC ID H5OT21. These include Autopage, Code Alarm (Guardian) and Magnadyne (Alert, Marksman and Silencer). Many of these brands have gone out of existence, so it can be difficult to find a replacement remote key fob for these systems.

Remotes Unlimited stocks two 5-button remotes with FCC ID H5OT21. These key fobs will work as a replacement for H5OT21 transmitters originally sold with other brands, including Autopage’s transmitter parts XT-33 and XT-72s. If your system originally used a 2-button, 3-button or 4-button remote, the extra buttons on the replacement part will serve no function. If you are wondering what the center button (with “II” or a car image on it) does, it is a vehicle “shift” button. Some systems were made so that if you installed the same system on two vehicles, a single remote would operate both of them and the user pushed this shift button to switch operation from one vehicle to another.

One available replacement remote is Marksman part M5ARF or X7RF. It can be seen and purchased at the following link: Remotes Unlimited part 672-1672 (Marksman).

The other available transmitter is Alert part MT-75S. It can be seen and purchased at the following link: Remotes Unlimited part 079-7291 (Alert).

Remotes Unlimited also has a limited supply of pre-owned H5OT21 remote key fobs. These parts show signs of prior use, but cost much less than a new transmitter. We clean and test the parts and, if needed, install a new battery in these pre-owned parts. To inquire about a pre-owned remote, call our customer service staff at 877-719-1900 (toll-free) and then press “2” for sales. All add-on system remotes come with programming instructions and free phone technical support.

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