Trends – Automotive Manufacturers Moving to Proximity Remotes

As you may be aware, many automotive manufacturers offer push-button ignition systems and proximity remotes for their vehicles now. While some auto makers are still treating this as a “luxury” feature and only including it as part of an option package, others seem to be moving toward using proximity remotes as standard equipment on most or all of their vehicle fleet.

We think this makes lots of sense. Some consumers may still be resistant to push-button start because it is new and different and slower to respond than a keyed ignition. But all consumers that we have talked to about this subject are very happy not to have to carry both a keyfob transmitter and a key. They are saving on tailoring bills because keys no longer poke holes in pockets. And they are ecstatic about being done with those huge clunky keyhead remotes, which were a terrible idea from the start.

The only drawbacks we know of regarding ditching the old-fashioned key are that they sometimes came in handy for opening bottles and they sometimes served as a good defensive weapon in a mugging.

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