Buying Replacement Automotive Remotes at a Retail Store

More retail stores are offering replacement remote controls with every passing year.  (For instance, Remotes Unlimited sells parts through the auto parts stores listed on our website.)  Typically, only a few of the hundreds of parts we offer are kept in stock; the others are sold via special order.  Whether buying a part that the store has in stock or placing a special order, the most important information to pay attention to is the programming method.  Most replacement remotes are “user programmable”, meaning you will be able to program the system in your vehicle to accept the new remote.  If programming requires a “scan tool”, then the replacement remote and your vehicle will have to be taken to an authorized dealer for programming.  Dealers usually charge 1/4 to 1/2 hour of labor for this service.  If you are buying a replacement remote supplied by Remotes Unlimited, the package will always have information about how your remote is programmed.  So, before buying, always read the package completely or ask store personnel how the replacement remote will be programmed for your vehicle.

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