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Sometimes, knowing the brand and model of an aftermarket alarm system is not enough information to specify the correct replacement remote key fob.  DEI’s Automate 2 models, for instance, used three different (non-interchangeable) remotes over the years this system was sold.  If you have your original remote control and need a replacement, you can usually find the right part by matching the FCC ID number shown on the back of the case.  But if you do not have your original remote or can no longer read the FCC ID number because it has worn off, you will need to know more information about the alarm system itself.

For some of its sub-brands — including Automate, Python and Viper alarm systems — DEI used “date codes” to distinguish among different generations of the same system.  These date codes usually appear with the other model information printed or embossed on the system control module installed in your vehicle.  A DEI date code is a number followed by a letter, such as “3G”.  The lower the number and the closer the letter is to “A”, the older the system.  So, for instance, a date code of 2F indicates an earlier generation system than 4C, and 4C is older than 4F.

The DEI Automate 2 alarm systems used one remote for systems with a date code up to 4H, then another for 5J-7D, and a third for all date codes after 7G.  Remotes Unlimited’s website allows you to search by alarm system brand/model (or to search by FCC number, manufacturer part number, or the make/model/year of your vehicle if you have a factory keyless entry system rather than an aftermarket alarm system).  If you search for Automate 2 on our site, you will be prompted to enter the date code.  From that, we will know which is the correct replacement remote for you.

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