Did You Know? . . . Equivalent Audiovox and Code Alarm Remote Key Fob Transmitters

Did you know that, in many cases, the remote keyfobs used on Code Alarm and Audiovox (Prestige and Pursuit) add-on alarm systems are interchangeable. An example of that is systems that use a remote with FCC ID ELVATFF. Code Alarm part CATXSRT1 is electronically equivalent to the (Audiovox) Prestige part XR91P and to the (Audiovox) Pursuit part XR91PR. These are all 5-button remotes with circuit board ATFC and FCC ID ELVATFF. The button icons and system brand names are different, but they are identical inside.

Remotes Unlimited offers the Code Alarm part as RUI part number 077-6225. You can see and purchase this part at the following link:
Code Alarm remote with FCC ID ELVATFF

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