Ford 3-button Remote Key Fob with FCC ID CWT…

For years dating back to the late 1990s, Ford trucks and SUVs equipped with factory keyless entry used a 3-button keyfob. The systems and remote transmitters were supplied by TRW originally, but subsequently were made for Ford by ALPS. The 3-button remotes used on vehicles prior to 2015 had an FCC ID on the back beginning with CWTWB1U2 or CWTWB1U3. You can see and buy a replacement remote for this 3-button Ford transmitter at the following link:
Ford 3-button remote transmitter

Beginning late in 2015, some Ford vehicles started using similar-looking keyfobs with FCC ID CWTWB1U0009 and Model 386 on the back. This remote is not compatible with the prior Ford 3-button remotes.

To be sure you buy the correct part, it is always best to check the FCC ID, part number or model number on the back of your original remote and be certain you buy a replacement remote that is interchangeable with the original keyfob.

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