Programming a Replacement Remote Control for an Aftermarket Alarm System

I just received an inquiry from a consumer who was having difficulty programming his aftermarket alarm system replacement remote control because his system did not have a valet switch installed. Nearly all aftermarket alarm systems use the valet switch or button as part of the programming process, so it is nearly impossible to add a new remote for an alarm system that does not have a valet switch.

It is also difficult to program most aftermarket alarm systems without a working siren. For many systems, programming involves selecting specific channels and then assigning button functions to them. The easiest way to know which channel one has selected during programming is to listen to the chirps made by the siren. Without audible feedback, it can be difficult to complete the programming process.

Thus, Remotes Unlimited always suggests that you have a functioning valet switch or button and a working siren when you attempt to program your system to accept a replacement remote control. Remotes Unlimited sells both sirens and a variety of valet switches. Don’t hesitate to call us at 877-719-1900 if you have any questions about these accessories.

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