Remote Start 1-button Key Fobs for Add-on Systems Made By Audiovox

“Remote Start” is a very popular aftermarket feature, particularly in areas with extremely cold winters or hot summers. So popular that many add-on systems perform only that single function using a 1-button remote transmitter. The largest marketers of these systems have been Audiovox, through its Prestige and Pursuit brands, and Code Alarm, through the systems it makes for many car manufacturers and also for systems sold under its own brand.

Audiovox 1-button remote key fobs have had many different styles over the years. They are not all interchangeable. Often, the brand (Prestige or Pursuit) does not matter with respect to interchangeability. But the FCC ID does matter.

Audiovox 1-button transmitters have been made and sold with FCC IDs ELVATCC, ELVATFE, ELVATGA, ELVATIE, ELVATJB, ELVATJG, ELVATND, ELVATNG and H5OT45. Replacement key fobs are available for all of these 1-button remotes through the Remotes Unlimited website. Simply use search method 4 and enter the FCC ID that appears on the back of the remote that you are replacing. Or . . . you can always call us for assistance.

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