Remote Transmitter for Toyota Dealer-Installed System with Receiver Module 00016-79200-01 – FCC ID BGA97TOYR

A very resourceful customer recently contacted us after purchasing a used 2007 Corolla CE. She was not given any key fobs for the vehicle, but was convinced it was equipped with keyless entry because she found a module under the dash. That receiver was labeled part number 00016-79200-01 and included FCC ID BGA97TOYR.

She was correct. This is the receiver for a dealer-installed keyless entry system made for Toyota by aftermarket system manufacturer Audiovox and used on many vehicles that were not equipped with factory-installed keyless entry systems. We responded that the original transmitter for this vehicle is Remotes Unlimited part 092-6435 – Toyota part 00016-34030(-05) – with FCC ID ELVATDD. That part is no longer manufactured, but Remotes Unlimited still offers pre-owned transmitters of this type. It has been replaced by a newer part – 092-7331 with FCC ID ELVATRF. You can see both parts at the following link: 092-6435 with alternate 092-7331

This system is user programmable, using a toggle switch found on the receiver module.

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