Replacement Keyless Remote Key Fobs for Ford Lincoln Mercury Dealer-Installed Remote Start Systems

Ford offered a variety of branded aftermarket systems as dealer-installed add-on remote start systems for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles. Some dealerships also sourced their own aftermarket systems for use as add-on systems. These would not have a vehicle make brand on them.

If you have a Ford dealer-installed remote start system, it is important to be sure that you buy the correct replacement keyfob for the system that is installed in your vehicle. The best way to search for the correct replacement remote is by the FCC ID on the back of your original transmitter. Links to some of the most common dealer-installed system remotes are shown below. Many of these remotes have different FCC IDs and are not interchangeable. These remotes could have come with either a Ford, Lincoln or Mercury logo, or with no logo at all. Also, cosmetic aspects of the case and the button icons can vary. The logo and button icons do not affect function; only the FCC ID and button count are critical for choosing a replacement.

1-button remote with FCC ID ELVATJH: RUI Part 091-6761

1-button remote with FCC ID GOH-PCMINI: RUI part 091-6459

1-button remote with FCC ID ELVATRKC: RUI part 091-6955. No image or link set up yet, but we do sell this part.

2-button remote with FCC ID H5OTR27: RUI Part 091-6460

2-button remote with FCC ID GOH-TSM-23: RUI Part 091-6517

2-button remote with FCC ID GOH-FRDPC2002: RUI Part 091-6780

4-button remote with FCC ID GOH-FOUR: RUI Part 091-6518

4-button remote with FCC ID (image shows Hyundai part for this system): RUI Part 089-6643

6-button remote with FCC ID GOH-PCGEN2: RUI Part 091-6461

All of these systems can be programmed by a consumer to accept a new remote transmitter.

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