Replacement Remote Key Fob Transmitter for 2001 Chevy Tahoe and Other Truck Platform Vehicles

A blog reader recently asked what part he needs for a recently purchased 2001 Chevy Tahoe. Here is our response:

GM used two different systems on 2001 Tahoes.

For the first half of the model year, which includes vehicles assembled up through February 2001, the factory keyless entry system on Tahoe requires our fob number 517-1517. GM no longer makes this transmitter, but we have re-newed OE 517-1517 parts in stock and also an aftermarket replacement for it. You can see and buy this remote at the following link: Part 517-1517

For the second half of the model year, which includes vehicles assembled from March 2001 forward, the factory keyless entry fob is our part number 514-1514. You can see multiple options and choose one to buy at the following link: Part 514-1514

If you click on both links, you will see that these parts are virtually identical on the outside. In fact, you can use the same outer case to re-case both of these OE parts. Do not let this fool you though. They have different circuit boards and are not interchangeable.

The same is true for most other truck platform GM vehicles built in the 2001 model year.

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