Audiovox (Voxx) Type 20 Prestige and Pursuit Remote Start Transmitters

Buying a replacement keyless entry, remote start or alarm system remote transmitter can be confusing. Often, there are multiple replacement parts that can be used interchangeably but look different. In other cases, parts that look identical are not interchangeable. That is why you need to purchase a replacement key fob from a company that really knows these products.

An example are the remote start transmitters for Type 20 systems from Audiovox (now Voxx). These systems, with either the Pursuit or Prestige brand, include keyfobs with either 1, 3 or 5 buttons. There are 8 transmitters overall. Four of these – with Audiovox part numbers 141BP, 141BPR, 171BP and 171BPR – are 1-button remote start transmitters. Those with “BP” at the end have the Prestige brand and those with “BPR” at the end have the Pursuit brand.

The differences can be very minor. For instance, 141BP and 171BP have the same function and look very similar. The most noticeable difference is the button icon. Remote 141BP has a key symbol for the icon and keyfob 171BP has a circular arrow symbol. For comparison, the Pursuit brand versions of these four interchangeable remotes can be seen in the links below:
Audiovox Pursuit remote 141BPR
Audiovox Pursuit remote 171BPR

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