Aftermarket Alarm Remotes with FCC ID EZSDEI…

Directed Electronics – aka DEI – sells aftermarket alarm systems under many brands, including Avital, Clifford, Python and Viper, to name a few. Typically, these systems use remotes that are identical except for the brand on the front of the case. The FCC IDs on DEI remotes often are the same except for a single letter at the end that differs according to the brand of the remote. So, for instance, you may have a Viper alarm system with a remote that says EZSDEI474V on the back of the case. This remote would be interchangeable with a Python keyfob that has an FCC ID of EZSDEI474P on the back.

Remotes Unlimited often carries more than one of the replacement remotes options for systems that are equivalent other than the brand. So, we may have, say, a Clifford remote and a Viper remote for a given system, but not the Avital-branded remote. Sometimes there is a replacement remote with no brand on the case, and we might carry that keyfob. But, unless a given style of remote has been discontinued completely, Remotes Unlimited will generally have a remote that works for your DEI system.

Virtually all aftermarket alarm systems are user programmable. Remotes Unlimited includes programming instructions and phone tech support with each purchased remote transmitter. So, you will not have to take your vehicle to an alarm shop for programming the replacement aftermarket alarm remote.

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