Audiovox Prestige and Pursuit High-Frequency Aftermarket Alarm System Replacement Remote Keyfob with FCC ID ELVATDB

A reader of my earlier blog post (link here) said that he has a Pursuit PRO9275 model alarm system – which is made by Audiovox – and that he needs a replacement remote but that his keyfob looks very different than RUI part 170-1170 shown in the earlier post. His remote is very different. Part 170-1170 is a low-frequency remote transmitter that used on many older Audiovox systems. However, the Pursuit PRO9275 and scores of other Pursuit Pro and Prestige APS model systems use a newer high-frequency remote with FCC ID ELVATDB on the case. The original remote shipped with these aftermarket alarm systems was a 5-button remote with lock, unlock, trunk, panic and option buttons. In its place, Remotes Unlimited sells a 6-button remote that is identical except that it also has a small LED flashlight.

See both Audiovox remotes with FCC ID ELVATDB at this link.

These systems, as with nearly all aftermarket alarm systems, are user programmable via the valet switch connected to the control module.

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