Audiovox System Receiver with FCC ID ELVAR5C

We recently received an inquiry from a site visitor looking for the correct remote key fob for an Audiovox aftermarket alarm system that uses a receiver with FCC ID ELVAR5C. The original replacement key fob for that receiver is Remotes Unlimited transmitter 267-1267, which can be viewed and purchased at the following link: Prestige (Audiovox) fob 267-1267

This transmitter has FCC ID ELVAT5C. Note that the FCC ID of the receiver and the transmitter are the same except for the characters “R” and “T” in the middle. This is a common FCC naming approach for aftermarket systems, though there also are numerous exceptions.

Aftermarket alarm systems are user programmable. Generally, the programming procedure uses the valet (or “shut-off”) switch to place the system in programming mode. So, you need a working valet switch to program this Audiovox system. While not essential, it is also helpful to have a working siren so you can hear the audible chirps during the programming process.

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