Most Common Reasons for Calling Tech Support When Programming Replacement Remote Entry Products

The most common reasons for calling tech support is for assistance programming a remote that was purchased.  The reasons people need help include:

1) Intimidated by the task of programming.

2) Unmotivated to read instructions.

3) Read instructions and tried programming, but not successful getting the vehicle into programming mode.

This usually means (a) problem with components in the car or (b) wrong instructions or (c) they are not performing the instructions correctly).  A common problem here is that programming is time sensitive and some people do not get the steps done quickly enough.

4) Tried programming, were successful in placing system in programming mode, but not able to complete part of the programming successfully.

This could mean a bad part or some other programming issue.

While it can be intimidating to read instructions for a product you may not have ever programmed before, they will help you understand the basic steps needed to be successful. Remote entry products sold by Remotes Unlimited come with simple instructions. If after you follow the steps included in your packaging, you are not able to program your remote entry product successfully, call our technical support line. All Remotes Unlimited customers have access to free technical support.

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