Remotes Unlimited Trademark Violations on eBay

One of our officers recently ran a search of our company name on eBay and found numerous sellers using our brand name in their attempts to sell replacement automotive remote transmitters. We will enlist eBay’s aid in trying to put a stop to this trademark abuse.

Of course, we have no problem with a retail customer of ours offering to sell a product purchased from us on eBay. However, several of these listings were written in such a way as to imply that Remotes Unlimited was involved in the online auction.

To set the record straight, Remotes Unlimited does not sell parts via on-line auctions. We do not sell used parts through any channel. The warranty on our products does not extend to individuals who buy a replacement remote from any third party unless the part was purchased from one of the chain retail stores we supply, such as AutoZone, Pep Boys or Advance Auto. And we do not provide free technical support to assist with programming unless the customer has proof of purchase.

So, if you buy replacement remotes through eBay, Amazon or some other online marketplace that cannot really control its sellers’ practices, beware.

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