Replacement Keyless Entry Remote Transmitters for 2008 Toyota Highlander

A customer recently sent us an inquiry seeking a replacement remote key fob for his 2008 Toyota Highlander. This vehicle could have had push-button start or a keyed ignition. Also, there are multiple remote transmitter options depending on whether or not the vehicle had remote operation of the hatch glass and/or power lift gate. So, we had to ask him for more information.

All of the remotes for the 2008 Highlander are shown on our website at Use search method 1 and select “Toyota”, then “2008”, then “Highlander” and it will show all 5 key fobs. You can match the original part that came with your vehicle. If you are not sure which remote originally came with the vehicle, then you can send us the VIN and we will check it with a Toyota dealership. (Entering the VIN on our website will perform the same search as the make, model and year of the vehicle; it cannot determine which part you need.)

For the 2008 Highlander, the keyfobs used on vehicles with a keyed ignition are user programmable, but the proximity remotes for vehicles with push-button start require programming by a dealer or locksmith. For user programmable parts, we provide the programming instructions and free phone tech support.

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