Replacement Remote Transmitter for Keyfobs with FCC ID H5LAL77(7)A

We recently received an inquiry from a gentleman who said his original remote transmitter had FCC ID H5LAL77A on the back. Here is our response:

We are not familiar with the FCC ID number H5LAL77A, but very similar to that is a common FCC ID: H5LAL777A. This FCC ID number appears on aftermarket alarm system remotes with many different button configurations and circuit boards, some of which are “trace cut” and some of which are not. I am reasonably certain that, even if the case on your remote was missing the third “7”, this is the correct family of keyfobs for your situation. The way we distinguish the specific remote within this family of transmitters is by the button count and circuit board number. To order on-line, go to the following link and see if there is a circuit board number and button count situation that matches your original, then proceed accordingly:

If this does not work or you have other questions, try calling Remotes Unlimited for assistance and we can take your order over the phone.

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