Toyota Dealer-Installed Keyless Entry System Remotes

Toyota was a little late to the party in making keyless entry standard equipment on vehicles sold in the United States. For many years after other car manufacturers had fully embraced keyless entry, Toyota continued to offer keyless remotes primarily as an option package. During this period, which roughly stretches from 1992 through 2006, many Toyota vehicles were sold with dealer-installed systems. Toyota used a variety of different remotes with dealer-installed systems. Some of these keyfobs are not interchangeable, so it is important to know how to specify the correct replacement part. Here are some links to help you get to the correct replacement part.

Link to 2-button Toyota dealer-installed remotes with FCC ID BAB237131-022.

Link to 3-button and 4-button dealer-installed remotes with FCC ID BAB237131-056.

If you have any questions, call Remotes Unlimited at 877-719-1900.

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