Ungo Aftermarket Alarm Replacement Remote Transmitters

A website visitor asked if we could replace the remote transmitter for her Ungo alarm system. The only information she had available was the receiver’s serial number. Her is our response:

“Unfortunately, a serial number does not provide information about which system you have, so it does not help us much. We would really need to know the model number of the system or information from an original remote. Even if we do have this information, though, there is only a small chance we can help you. Ungo went out of business many years ago and their aftermarket alarm systems are no longer supported. We have a few Ungo remote models in stock and we have masters for a few more that we can copy.”

The two parts we have in stock are Ungo transmitter numbers 3020255 and SAA3650 – Remotes Unlimited parts 417-1417 and 421-1421 respectively.

Part 417-1417 is a 2-button remote that was used on Ungo aftermarket alarm systems 5200, 5400 and MC-500. It was also used on some Ungo MC-2000 II systems. See part 417-1417 at the following link:

Part 421-1421 is a 4-button remote that was used on Ungo aftermarket alarm system MS-6500. See part 421-1421 at the following link:

Unfortunately, the FCC ID number on an existing Ungo remote is not useful in determining the replacement transmitter required. Both of these remotes and many others have FCC ID HP92VUUNGO601/6, but not all keyfobs with this FCC ID are interchangeable.

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