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Buying a replacement remote control can be a little frightening. The employees of Remotes Unlimited understand that because we deal with customers all day every day. We hope that our website provides a clear and logical path for you to confidently select and purchase the replacement part you need. If it doesn't, or you feel more comfortable speaking directly to a member of our staff, please call RUI at 877-719-1900.


Odd Facts About Car Remotes


What Is The Highest Number Of Buttons Yet Used On A Keyfob?

So far, the most we have seen is 8! However, many newer aftermarket alarm remotes have two-way LCD or OLED displays and programming buttons that enable them to support literally dozens of remote control and information functions.

Which Automobile Manufacturer Has The Largest Number Of Different Remote Controls?

GM has deployed far more remote transmitter parts than any other auto manufacturer . . . by far. RUI references well over a thousand different remote controls across all factory keyless entry and aftermarket alarm systems in our knowledge base. More than 10% of them are GM parts.

What Is The Largest Number Of Different Remote Controls Used On A Single Vehicle Model-Year?

Surprisingly, that is hard to say. RUI knows of at least one Cadillac model that was sold with a dozen different remote transmitters . . . and that is only counting parts sold with the North American version of the vehicle. The reason it is hard to answer the question is that, if you talk to three different Cadillac dealers, you may get three different answers about how many different parts were used on the vehicle.

Several vans and SUVs offer as many as 8 different parts, depending on how many power sliding doors and rear functions were supported and whether or not the vehicle was equipped with remote start.

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