1996-1999 Infiniti I-30 Replacement Factory Keyless Entry Remote Keyfob

For the 1996 through 1999 model years, Infiniti I-30 vehicles with factory keyless entry used a system made Alpine. The remote for this system has FCC ID A269ZUA078. The keyfob is a 4-button remote with lock, unlock, trunk and horn (panic) button icons. At present, Remotes Unlimited is out of stock on the Infiniti remote. However, we sell the equivalent Nissan remote that was used on Maxima vehicles as a replacement for the Infiniti remote. These keyfobs are identical except for the logo on the front. Remotes Unlimited also offers a ReMoto aftermarket replacement for the Nissan/Infiniti remotes. It performs the same functionality and is a much better value than the original manufacturer remotes.

See Nissan A269ZUA078 remote and the ReMoto replacement at this link.

These remotes are user programmable for both Infiniti and Nissan applications.

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