Hyundai Veloster Flip-Key Remote Transmitter 95430-2V010 / 95430-2V011

Remotes Unlimited has part 95430-2V010 in stock and for sale at nearly $100 less than the Hyundai list price. This keyless remote transmitter was used on 2012-14 Hyundai Veloster vehicles sold in various places around the globe. To be sure this is the correct part for your vehicle, ask a Hyundai dealer to tell you the part number of the remote transmitter you need, or send the VIN with your order. You can purchase Hyundai part 95430-2V010 at the following link: Hyundai Veloster transmitter 95430-2V010

This transmitter does not come with a key blade. If you have a cut flip-key blade for your vehicle, it can be moved to the new part. A computer scan tool is required to program your vehicle to accept the new remote transmitter.

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