Replacement Hyundai Factory Keyless Entry Key Fob Remote for 2009 Tucson with Old and New Body Styles

The 2009 model year was a changeover year for Hyundai Tucson. Vehicles were sold with both old and new body styles. The old body style 2009 Hyundai Tucson used a 3-button keyless entry remote with FCC ID OSLOKA-320T. Remotes Unlimited sells this keyfob as part 089-6473. See it at this link.

The new body style used a different keyless entry system. The remote for this body style looks the same, but has FCC ID OSLOKA-850T on the back. The Remotes Unlimited part number is 089-6199. See it at this link.

This is just one more situation in which two identical remotes with different part numbers were used on the same vehicle in the same model year. So, when you are buying a replacement car or truck remote, you have to be very careful and make sure you are buying from a source you trust.

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