1998 Civic (non-EX) Dealer-Installed Keyless Entry and Security System Replacement Remote Control

A reader of yesterday’s blog asked what about 1998 Civics other than the EX. Good question. Honda Civics also wore CX, DX, GX, HX, LX and Si badges in 1998. Any of these sub-models that has a Honda system in it uses the same remote as the EX (see link below). The difference is that the 1998 Civic EX may have had a factory-installed keyless entry system on it, while none of the other sub-models did. If they have a Honda system on it, it was a dealer-installed keyless entry system or a dealer-installed security system. Fortunately (for consumers), Honda used systems with the same remote keyfob, so if you are buying a replacement remote, it does not really matter what type of system it has as long as it is a Honda branded system. Also, Honda systems of this era are user programmable, so you can program a new remote yourself and avoid an expensive trip to the dealer.

Link to 1998 Honda CX, DX, EX, GX, HX, LX and Si replacement remote control.

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